Z-Flash BCM Plugin Flasher For GM





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The all-new Z-Flash BCM for General Motors Vehicles is the easiest way to flash your factory lights. Simply connect into your vehicle’s BCM port and connect to the Z-Flash box. The Z-Flash can work as a plug and play system with the switch, or you can hardwire it to your controller or switch. The Z-Flash BCM plugs directly into the BCM of select GM vehicles and flashes the vehicle’s front & rear turn signals, mirror turn signal lights, brake lights, and reverse lights. The Z-Flash BCM Plug and Play Flasher for GM will not damage your vehicle and can easily be removed at any time. The Z-Flash is the easiest way to turn your factory lights into emergency warning lights

  • (1) Z-Flash BCM Plug and Play Flasher
  • Installation Wiring Harnesses
  • (1) Pre-Connected Switch Harness


Vehicle Year
Chevy Tahoe 2015 – 2020
Chevy Suburban 2015 – 2020
Chevy Silverado 1500-3500 2015 – 2022
GMC Sierra 1500-3500 2015 – 2022
Cadillac Escalade 2015 – 2020


  • Includes Pre-Connected Switch
    • On/Off
    • Momentary
  • Pre-Built Flash Patterns
  • When activated, the Z-Flash BCM Plug and Play Flasher for Ford vehicles can flash:
    • Front & Rear Turn Signals
    • Mirror Turn Signals
    • Cargo Light
    • 3rd Brake Light
    • Brake Lights
    • Reverse Lights



How does the Z-Flash BCM Flasher for General Motors Vehicles work?

Using diagnostic signals, the Z-Flash Plug and Play Flasher for GM Vehicles tells the vehicle to activate the respective lights using select BCM ports. The flasher module does not rewrite computer code or affect the vehicle in any way. The codes are the same that the dealer could use to diagnose your vehicle through the BCM ports.

Will this burn my computer?

The Z-Flash Plug and Play Flasher for GM Vehicles does not put out any voltage and will not burn up the computer. It’s similar to plugging a USB stick into your PC.

Will my brake lights still work?

Your brake and turn signals will override the flashing pattern. If the module is active and you hit the brakes or use your turn signal, that function will override. This cannot be disabled as it is an important safety feature.

Does this put my vehicle in reverse?

The Z-Flash Plug and Play BCM Flasher for GM Vehicles will not change your vehicle’s gears.

What are the benefits of having a plugin flasher?

They are very affordable and a great way to get your POV noticed when responding to emergencies. Plugin flashers are also a great addition if you already have a lighting system in your GM. Plugin flashers require no additional wiring and can be installed in minutes!

Will this burn up my bulbs?

Like any headlight/taillight flasher it will burn out your bulbs faster than normal. Aftermarket HIDs will burn up very quickly because the ballasts are not intended to flash.

Why are my Halogen bulbs not flashing or very dim?

Unlike LEDs, Halogen bulbs require a charge up and cool down time. Because of this, it is not possible to flash them as fast as LED bulbs.

Is the Z-Flash BCM Plug and Play Flasher for General Motors Vehicles traceable?

Once removed, the flasher module does not leave any trace of being installed.