Premium Remote Control 18 Pod 4×4 Off Road Vehicle Rock Light Kit -108 LEDs



SKU: XK061002


Premium Remote Control 18 Pod 4×4 Off Road Vehicle Rock Light Kit -108 LEDs

  • Remote Control Module with Dimming, Breath and Strobe Modes.
  • 108 Ultra Bright LEDs (18 Pods) with Mounting Brackets.
  • Perfect for illuminating ground surrounding the wheels and frame.
  • Super Strong 3M Mounting Tape. No drilling required
  • The MOST COMPREHENSIVE installation kit on the market. Everything you need is included!
  • Detailed instructions included.
  • Mounting instructions: Download PDF

This kit features a 108 LEDs COMPLETE LIGHT COVERAGE of the environment surrounding you off road 4×4 vehicles. It helps increase the visibility of rocks and ground below your
4×4 vehicle in the dark. No more flat tires and you won’t get hung up on a rock due to lack of visibility in the dark! Furthermore, there are no filaments to burn and no ballast to
fail. This energy-efficient kit can stay in full brightness for 6-10 hours without effecting the life or performance of your vehicles battery.

  • Button A) SOLID ON: All LED lights stay on. Click this buton for multiple times to adjust the brightness.
  • Button B) STROBE: All lights wildly strobe, which could be used as a sign for emergency situation.
  • Butto nC) BREATH: The remote control slowly decreases the LEDs from full brightness down to dim then slowly increases the LED intensity back to full brightness and then repeats.
  • Button D) OFF

Unlike most other “off road rock light” on the market that could only be mounted on the vehicle frame or flat surface, XKGLOW provides a super light weight aluminium bracket for
each pod. This drill-free bracket can be adjusted to any angle you desire and hold multiple pods to enhance the illumination of certain spots.

  • Eighteen (18) Ultra-Bright Light Pods
  • Thirty-six (36) Red Extension Connctors
  • Eighteen (18) Aluminum Mounting Brackets
  • Water Proof ON/OFF Switch.
  • Waterproof in-line fuse holder + five amp (5A) fuse.
  • Crimping Wire Connector + Crimping Terminal
  • Four (4) Extension Wire ( 22 Gauge)
  • 3M Double side Tape.
  • Quick Level Connector to guarantee tight and easy wire connection.
  • Zip Ties + Wire Clip.
  • Waterproof Tape.
  • Detailed installation instructions allowing you to perform a professional installation.

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