Polaris Ranger Taillight Kill Switch Kit



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Polaris Ranger Taillight Kill Switch Kit

Looking for a way to kill your taillights on your Polaris Ranger when hunting?  Search no more!  With our kit it makes killing your taillights extremely simple.  100% Plug & Play wiring, requires no cutting of factory wiring. Please make sure before purchasing that your Ranger has the 3 wires taillight harness plug under the bed.  NOTE: Automotive Custom Lighting is not responsible for misuse of this product. Driving on any type of Public Roadways with out operational tail lights or brake lights can get you ticketed and\or result in serious harm or death to others. Automotive Custom Lighting does not promote unsafe practices and will not be liable for any type of misuse of this product. IF YOU CHOOSE NO SWITCH OR SWITCH WITHOUT PLUG AND PLAY WIRING. DO NOT HOOK IT UP TO POSITIVE POWER OR IT WILL NOT WORK

  • Simply located your OEM taillight harness plug under the bed. Should be the only set of wires that connects to the bed.
  • Unplug the 3 Wire connector and connect our kit in its place.
  • Run the added wire all the way upfront following the drive shaft tunnel. NOTE :  Make sure to ziptie the wire to the OEM wiring and not the Drive shaft.
  • Depending on model, you may run the wiring up behind the dashboard or follow OEM wiring and come in threw the Firewall with OEM wiring.
  • The supplied Switch fits the OEM cutouts.  You may have to punch it out if it hasnt been already.
  • You may remove the wires from the switch to install it in the cutout. Just take note of how you removed them to reinstall the wires.
  • Before pushing the switch in, Test to make sure everything is working correctly as you may get the switch wiring backwards and would require the switch to come back out to fix issue.
  • No additional wiring needed unless you want the switch to light up as well.

  • 1 x Polaris Ranger Taillight Kill Switch Kit

  • 1-Year Warranty

  • 2013-2023 Polaris Ranger
  • Before ordering Please NOTE which wire style you have, either 3 pin plug, 4 pin plug, or 8 pin plug.