Polaris Ranger Reverse Light Harness – Negative to Positive Trigger



SKU: ACL00059-1-3

    Choosing to go with your own switch you understand that the wire coming from the reverse light relay is GROUND controlled and not POSITIVE. Do not hook up the reverse wire to positive as you will blow a fuse or cause damage. We are not responsible for incorrect installation of YOUR switch 

    In 2018 Polaris made two versions of the Ranger 1000, Early Year and Late Year.  Early Year has two wires next to the throttle body coming out the wiring harness that is covered by heat shrink.  On the Late Year Polaris changed to an OEM Style Plug. Please verify which style connection you need as they are made different. 

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Polaris Ranger Reverse Light Harness – Negative to Positive Trigger

This harness is not your average reverse light harness.  Comes with Dual Relays to convert the OEM Ground signal into a positive signal to activate aftermarket rear cameras or accessories.   With our kit it makes adding reverse positive triggered accessories a breeze.  100% Plug & Play wiring, requires no cutting of factory wiring. Please make sure before purchasing that your Ranger has the 2 wires not hooked up to anything to left the Throttle Body on the Early Model Ranger. For the Late Model Ranger the plug is to the right of the Throttle Body plugged into a cap.  We have optional versions available; Standard version is fully Automatic when shifted into reverse, Second version allows the Reverse Accessory to operate fully automatic but gives the user the option to manually turn the the accessory on if needed when not in reverse.

  • Polaris Ranger Reverse Light Relay Harness

  • 1 x Reverse Dual relay setup
  • 1x Universal Switch (OPTIONAL)

  • 1-Year Warranty

  • 2013-2018 Early Model Ranger W/ two wires next to throttle body
  • 2018+ Ranger W/ OEM Connector Plug (+$5.00 Option)
  • Will not fit 570
  • May fit others versions as long as it has the two wires next to the throttle body