Polaris Ranger Remote Start 2 Way Compustar Brand with EXTRA Remotes


Polaris Ranger Remote Start 2 Way Compustar Brand with EXTRA Remotes


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Polaris Ranger Remote Start 2 -Way Compustar Brand with EXTRA Remotes

Temperature below zero? Snow need plowing? Dreading going outside to start the Ranger? If you’ve been in that scenario countless times and are wondering how to forever rid yourself of it, the solution is the DTR Polaris Ranger Remote Start Unit. Not sure what that is, or if you want one? Keep on reading!

What is a remote starter?

Remote starters are, basically, what they sound like: a wireless, radio-controlled tool that starts your rig’s engine from a certain distance away.

  • Most often, these gadgets come in the form of key fobs, or little remote controls with buttons for engine ignition and, sometimes, other functions.

  • The distance from which one will work ranges up 1 mile. The distance depends on reception and line of sight.

  • If you have a heater, it can preheat the cab making those below zero temperatures more bearable.
  • 2 Way Remotes transmits a signal to the machine. Once Started the machine will transmit a signal back to the remote letting you know it started. 1 Way remote will only transmits but will not notify you if it actually started.

How does a remote starter work?

              Remote starters work via radio frequency or more modern day technology Bluetooth/network connection. A brain is connected to your Ranger’s ignition switch and brake switch. When you press the ignition button on your  remote, it sends a signal to the box to by-pass your key switch to start the rig. The radio signal is unique to each model remote start brain.  Dont worry, your neighborhood kids can’t drive off with your RIG when you have it Remotely Started.   The moment you step on the brakes without the key in, the engine will shut off.  Installation just takes minutes.

  • Remote Start Brain
  • (1) 2 way remote & (1) 1 way remote OR (2) 2 way remote & (2) 1 way remote (SEE OPTIONS)
  • Remote Distance – 2 way Up to 1 Mile ; 1 Way Up to 2000FT
  • Plug & Play Wiring kit made specifically for the Polaris Ranger
  • Installation Directions BELOW



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