Polaris Heavy Duty Light Bar Wiring Harness (Pulse Bar)



SKU: DD4033-1-1


This heavy duty harness connects directly to the Pulse/Bus Bar connection found on your Polaris Ranger or General to power your light bar using  14 AWG wire. This harness uses a 25A, waterproof fuse and 60 amp, 12V relay to safeguard the electrical systems in your light bar.  Comes with standard 2-pin DT-P Type (14-16 AWG) Deutsch connector on the outputs side and your chose in going with OEM style switches. This heavy duty light bar is designed to power Diode Dynamics 50”, 42”, 30″, and 18″ Light Bars amount other brands. Wire length is roughly 8ft long to power the lightbar. Can be used with under hood or roof mounted pulse bars. Please note that this harness is designed better than the factory Pulsar bar wiring. What that means is this harness can handle more than what your OEM setup can handle, Please concede with the limits of the OEM Pulsebar.

3 Year Replacement Limited Warranty
This harness is a modified Diode Dynamics harness and is backed by a 3 Year worry-free warranty. If there is any issue as the result of manufacturing defect, we will do some quick troubleshooting, and if necessary, provide a replacement.

  • All Polaris Machines that had the Pulse Bar / Bus Bar connections