Polaris General Upper Reverse Light




Looking for Upper Rear Cab lights for the Polaris General?  Search no more!  With our kit it makes adding Rear Cab lights a breeze.  Piece your kit together for the parts you need or want. See Options below. Our never version wiring harness will work on the new machines that do not have the wires next to the throttle body.

  • Relay Install Time:  5-15 minutes PLUG & PLAY except for the two wires you have to run threw the roll cage.  We do NOT pre crimp those connectors to allow you to fish the wires threw the frame.
  • Light Pod Install Time:  30 minutes ( Requires the plastic roof to be cut out to recess the pod lights)
  • NOTE: Toggle switch version is Negative Triggered and needs to be hooked up to Ground.

  • 2 x ACL Light pods w/ Wiring
  • 2 x Hardware kit
  • 3 x Plastic Mount ZipTies
  • Plug & Play Reverse Harness.


  • Reverse Light Harness
  • Reverse Light Harness + Switch
  • Few Switch Options

  • 1-Year Warranty