Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit for 2016-2024 Polaris General



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BUILD A KIT ACL Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit for 2016-2024 Polaris General

NOTICE:  11/18/2023 Average build time is 1-7 business days. 


Hand signals is a thing of the past. Most modern day drivers think you are waving at them instead of turning.  Automotive Custom Lighting is proud to announce our newest product line up for the Polaris General; Plug & Play Turn signal Kit.  Designed and made right here in Arizona, USA.

“Don’t be like Jim and almost get ran over when someone thought he was waving instead of turning!” 

          We are all about hearing the voices of the community at events and social media. Looking around at all the current turn signal kits on the market we saw a bunch of improvements we could offer to our customers. The most common thing we found is the front turn signals was sub par to our standards. We want something that can be seen on the road instead of something the size of a dot. Safety on the road is our main concern coming from an avid motorcycle rider.

Our kit features newly designed front turn signal light pods. We took two emergency roadside LED lights, modified the programming to make them usable for turn signals, making them perfect for this application; not too big and not to small. Topped off with our fully 100% Plug and Play wiring. Zero cutting or modifying of any factory wiring. Direct plug into the OEM taillights and Bus/Pulse Bar. This system only uses the factory brake light switch, everything else is independent. Added in the tail light harness as an option is the licence plate light pigtails with spade connectors ready for use.

  • Uses OEM Dash Indicators
  • Steering Column Mounted Lever w/ Hazard Switch for simple operation
  • Plug & Play Weather Proof Wiring and Connectors
  • No Cutting or Splicing into Wiring
  • Uses pre-existing OEM tail lights so your not adding additional rear lighting
  • Adds front Amber LED pod lights that are better and brighter than your basic dot lights.
  • See side option for more info
  • Made in Arizona, USA

Ever feel embarrassed leaving your turn signal lights on for miles? Don’t worry it has happens to the most of us, out of sight, out of mind. We got you covered by using the OEM dash mounted indicators to let you know your still turning.  The turn signal lever is mounted to the left of the steering wheel and is similar to your standard vehicle operation with built in 4-way Hazards. Unlike other Turn Signal kits that claim wouldn’t that switch get in the way of getting in or out? NO! This turn signal switch has been big guy tested; 6’8 260LBS approved. With the custom made bracket make sure it stays out of the way and strong enough to make sure it goes no where.    See below for additional options.


All our kits are made in house. If you have a bright idea or want a kit customized to your needs, feel free to message us up. Our goal is to provide the best product backed with our amazing customer service.  If you feel that we have not met that goal, please contact us to make sure we can get you squared away.  Now on to the good stuff;

  • 2 x Front Turn Signal Pods
  • 1 x Front Wiring Harness to Bus/Pulse Bar
  • 1 x Turn Signal Switch Lever w/ OEM Indicator Pins
  • 1 x Turn Signal Switch Mounting Bracket w/ Hardware
  • 1 x Flasher Relay
  • 1 x Mid Section Wiring Harness
  • 1 x Rear Taillight harness adapter




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