NEW!!!!! ACL 2015-2023 Dodge Challenger NeoPrism-X 12V RGB Halo Kit – SMD



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NEW!!!!! ACL 2015-2023 Dodge Challenger NeoPrism-X 12V RGB Halo Kit – SMD
If you are looking for something unique and different to add to your Challenger, this is the kit you want. This kit fits the Dodge Challenger Projector or Halogen headlights. With the NeoPrism RGB 12V style LEDs it gives a unique custom look on your vehicle.  Professional installation recommend as it requires you to open up your headlights. Slight modifications will be needed to run the wiring. These halos is designed and fitted for the Challenger, wiring connects end to end to reduce the amount of wiring unlike other known competitors.  To get the best functionality out of these halos you must run our controller, BlueGhozt. If you would like any more information please contact us via Contact Form or at We also do Professional installation of these kits as well, contact us to make arrangements.
Difference Between NeoPrism 5V RGBW and NeoPrism-X 12v
5v RGBW has a dedicated white chip that creates a more true defined white over the 12v RGB
12v RGB does NOT need the 5v power converter like the 5v RGBW does
12v RGB has brighter and more vibrate colors over the 5v RGBW
12v RGB
  • 1) Each Ring consist of 5050 IC SMD leds that can be individual addressed.
  • 2)
  • 3) Voltage: 12V
  • 2015-2023 Dodge Challenger  Headlights
  • 4x   NeoPrism RGB 12v Halos
  • 2x 6ft NeoPrism extensions  (OPTIONAL)
  •  1 Year Warranty
  • Do not cut or alter the halo ring as it will void the warranty. You can depin the JST connector to allow for proper wire routing.
NOTE: Professional Installation Recommend. This kit requires the headlights to be baked open. Slight cutting of the headlight bezel to run the wires and tons of patience. Please contact our team of professional dealers/installers to have the kit installed. Warrant does not cover accidental damage.
Modifications required on install to hide wiring.
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