NeoPrismX 12v Underglow


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Looking for the best underglow kit on the market? Look no more! Our new NeoPrismX underglow is made using a true 12v led unlike all other kits on the market that uses an IC chip to step down to 5v.  Customize for what you need.
  • Addressable Sk6813b 12v LEDS chips.  (NOT GROUPED IN SECTIONS OF 3 LIKE EVERYONE ELSE)
  • Cutable after every LED
  • PCB Width : 12mm
  • Voltage: DC 12v
  • Viewing Angle: 130 Degrees
  • PCB Color: BLACK
  • IP Rating: ip68 coating with injected flexible resin fill
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Universal
  • Automotive
  • Home/Commerical
  • UnderCabinets
  • 4 strips
  • 3 extensions (Optional)
  • plastic holder clips
  • The double sided tape is there to assist in mounting. It is not recommend to use just the tape as most cars have a coating underneath that prevents the tape from holding well. We recommend using 3m Emblem & Trim adhesive around on the edges along with our plastic holders to ensure the kit stays installed.  When installing, you can use a heat gun to help active the tape if the surface is cold.  Always use a cleaner where you plan on mounting the strips, rubbing alcohol does wonders.
  • Plastic Holders clips should go on the ends of the strip then spaced out evenly.
  • At no point do you want the Strip to be longer than the mounting surface. It is best to have the strip at least 2 inches shorter on each side to allow for proper mounting. Doing this helps prevent future issues.
  • Try not to bend the strips were the wires is soldered on to the bored. It is possible that the PCB can crack at the solder joints if bent excessively. (Version 3 will add additional preventive measures)
  • Routing of the strips is important. You need to first figure out where the controller is going in order to lay out the strips around your vehicle. The blueghozt controller comes with a Left and Right output. Which will divide your vehicle in half.
  • If you have voltage fade, it is recommend to ground the strips on both ends to the vehicle.  Adding the grounds will relieve the voltage drop on the ground side.  If you still have color fade, you will need to add positive power to the both ends.
  • The Blueghozt controller is NOT waterproof. It is best to seal it up with butyl. You can use RTV but that can take up to 24 hours to cure compared to butyl 1 minute.
  • Installation of the BlueGhozt requires the back cover to be removed to insert the wires for the kit. Basic wiring skills required. This is not a beginners kit.