NeoPrism Halos White Faced PCB



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NeoPrism Halos White Faced PCB

Transform your headlights with the NeoPrism Halos with White Faced PCB. NeoPrism Halos feature color chasing lights through programmable digital LED lighting. Make your build even better with a hand held remote controller system to manually control your lights with ease.

Warning: THIS PRODUCT RUNS ON 5V. DO NOT HOOK IT UP TO STRAIGHT 12V WITH OUT A VOLTAGE REGULATOR. 12v-5v Step Down Module Converter is highly recommended and available to purchase with these Halos. Improper installation will void the product warranty. Click here for a list of our authorized dealers to help you with your build!

If more than 2 connections are needed, decline the quick wiring harness and purchase the desired connections from NeoPrism Accessories Quick Wiring Harness.

Product Features:
1) New Brand to Market
2) Super bright 5050 SMD LED, high intensity and reliable
3) Long life span 50,000 hours
4) ws2812 Digital Programmable LED halo.
5) Sold in Pairs Only
6)  1 Year Warranty


5050 SMD RGB LED Halo ws2812
Input voltage: 5v DC
LED resource:High brightness 5050 RGB
IC Type: ws2811 IC


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