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BRAKE LIGHTS:This LED motorcycle brake light is so bright they can’t be missed. The Morimoto 5Stop LED brake lights uses five strong 5W Red LED’s to illuminate the rear-end of your bike and indicate to following traffic when you’re slowing down.

SAFETY: Is just as important as good looks when it comes to the motorcycles. Thankfully the 5Stop has both bases covered here, since these are a great, clean looking way to replace a big bulky tail light on a motorcycle – but also a very functional one with their dual-intensity circuit.

WIRING: Is about as easy as it gets here. The Morimoto 5Stop brake light has a simple 3 wire input that will integrate/replace most pre-existing motorcycle tail light circuits. 12V+ for the normal running light. 12V+ for the bright/brake light, and a ground.

HEAVY DUTY: Their CNC Machined, 6061 Aluminum body has been anodized with a beautiful gloss black finish for a stealth look once mounted. A low-profile mounting bracket and hardware is also included. The angle of the unit once mounted is also fully adjustable!

BOMB PROOF: The internal LED circuitry is completely protected against the elements with a hard acrylic potting compound. Damage from moisture, dust, or dirt is no threat.


  • BRAKE LIGHT: 1x Morimoto 5Stop
  • MOUNT: 1x Bracket & Hardware
  • WIRING: 3-Wire Inputs
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years

  • APPLICATIONS: Motorcycle Brake Lights
  • INPUT: 3 Wire (un-pinned)
  • INPUT RANGE: 12-24V

  • RATED LUMENS: 400lm (dim mode)
  • RATED LUMENS: 800lm (bright mode)
  • COLOR: Red
  • POWER DRAW: 417mA
  • LIFESPAN: 50,000 hrs
  • LIGHT SOURCE: 5X 5W Nichia LED
  • INPUT: 3-Wire 12V+/Ground
  • INPUT LENGTH: 24″ / 610mm
  • INPUT RANGE: 12-24V
  • SHELL MATERIAL: Machined Aluminum