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Looking to purchase an awesome switch?   Don’t worry, We got you covered! These switches are perfect for any task you may throw at them.  This Hunters Edition 3 Position Reverse switch is designed to work perfect for the 2018+ cutouts on the Polaris Ranger.  They come standard with Blue on Blue LEDS but can be ordered with other color options.  Contact us for details. If using in conjunction with our Reverse Light Harness please note the LEDS in the switch will not light up as the switch was designed because the Polaris Ranger reverse system is Ground triggered and not positive triggered. We recommend wiring up the top leds “REVERSE” to your keyed illumination wire.  In all other applications the switch LEDS would function as normal

    • Seal Protection
      • Locks out elements such as water, dust & debris. Certified to IP67 for front panel components.

      Switch mounting

      • Fits into industry standard mounting hole of 1.734 x .867 in [44.0mm x 22.0mm].

      Panel Thickness Range

      • Acceptable Panel Thickness: .030 to .156 (.76mm to 3.96mm)
      • Recommended: .030, .062, .093, .125 and .156

      Switch Depth

      • Switch only from base to terminal end – 1.75 inches
      • Switch with LC1-01 attached – 2.38 inches

      Switch dimension

      • Base with rocker installed – 1.97 X 1.02 inches


      SPST /OFF/ ON / ON switch.

      Upper LED is independently wired.  If connected this will light up the text area.

      Lower LED is independently wired.  If connected this will light up the text area.

      Rated 20A 12V

      No rear barriers between terminals. LC1 housing connectors can be used with Packard 630 terminals.  LC1 connector and terminals are sold separately.

      Insulated 1/4″ female quick disconnect terminals can also be used.  This is a 4 terminal switch with a common ground for both LEDs