Hunters Edition Polaris General Reverse Light Wiring /w XIV-Series Switch



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Hunters Edition Polaris General Reverse Light Wiring /w V – Series Switch

Looking for a way to wire up automatic reverse lights for the Polaris General?  Search no more!  With our wiring it makes adding reverse lights a breeze.  100% Plug & Play wiring, requires no cutting of factory wiring.

The Hunters Edition Reverse Light wiring comes with a special made relay harness and 3 position switch. OFF , AUTO, and REVERSE.  This wiring harness is completely different than our original kit.

  • OFF POSITION – Completely kills the reverse light regardless of what gear you have the rig in.
  • AUTO POSITION – Reverse light will come on ONLY when shifted into Reverse Gear.
  • REVERSE POSITION – Reverse Light Illuminates on the switch; Reverse light is on no mater what gear you have it in as long as the key is in the ignition. Will not work without the key.

  • Plug & Play in to OEM connections
  • Prevents LEDs from glowing when not in Reverse Gear.
  • Shifts the LED light load off the OEM computer and moves it to the chassis ground.
  • Switch Operates as listed above.

  • Relay Install Time:  5-30 minutes PLUG & PLAY
  • Directions Coming Soon

  • 1 x Reverse Light Relay Wiring (ACL ) Made in USA
  • 1 x 3 Position Switch – OTRATTW Switch- OEM STYLE V Series