Hellermann Tyton EdgeCable ZipTies 156-00864


SKU: HT156-00673-1


Looking for a clean and simple way to clean up your wiring?  These EdgeClip ZipTies is perfect for securing your wiring to plastic edges and more. Most popular for ATV/UTV vehicles like Polaris and Canam. These assemblies are ideal for use where holes are not acceptable or where due to temperature problems adhesives will fail. Don’t let your wiring be a distraction.

  • Pre-assembled 2-piece Zip tie with EdgeClip 90 degree
  • Cable tie head can be moved after bundling
  • For minimum bundle diameters of 1 mm
  • For edges of 3 – 6 mm thickness

  • Mainly uses on Polaris Rangers and Polaris General to secure Plastic roof wiring and more.