Heavy Duty Dual Output Light Bar Wiring Harness



SKU: DD4045


This heavy duty harness connects directly to the battery to power your light bar using 14mm wide split spade terminals and 14 AWG wire. This harness uses a 25A, waterproof fuse and 60 amp, 12V relay to safeguard the electrical systems in your light bar. This harness is equipped with terminals to connect to the included switch and two standard 2-pin DT-P Type (14-16 AWG) Deutsch connectors. This heavy duty light bar harness is designed to power Diode Dynamics 50”, 42”, 30″, and 18″ Light Bars.

3 Year Replacement Limited Warranty
All Diode Dynamics products come with a 3 Year worry-free warranty. If there is any issue as the result of manufacturing defect, we will do some quick troubleshooting, and if necessary, provide a replacement.