FBM 2013-2022 Polaris Ranger XP Billet Anodized Mirror Mount Kit



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FBM 2013-2022 Polaris Ranger XP Billet Anodized Mirror Mount Kit

What to see behind you?  Look no more this Kit make adding Mirrors to your Ranger extremely simple.  Drill 3 holes, tighten down the hardware and done.  That simple.

There aren’t many options for mirrors that fit the factory doors so FBM made a CNC Billet anodized mirror mount kit for the ranger. FBM designed these to keep a clean factory look. The spacing is perfect for viewing both out the passenger and driver side on the early 2015-2018 Early Model.  Late 2018+ the passenger mirror is slight obstructed by the new door design with the roll up windows.

  • Simple installation. (15-45 minutes Installation time)
  • Tools: Phillips Screwdriver, Panel Popper Tool, Drill, 10mm Socket, possible dremel depending on your placement.
  • Remove upper rubber door sill and let hang down
  • Remove internal upper door plastic skin ( Plasitic Phillips Screws)
  • One pop clip is holding the skin on. Pull outwords
  • Once Skin is removed, you will need to drill 3 holes threw the door for the mounting hardware.
  • Depending on what year you have, you may need to trim the plastic dividers on the inside of the door to allow the mounting hardward to sit flush.
  • Tighten hardware down and finished

  • 1 x Left Mirror
  • 1 x Right Mirror
  • 2 x Anodized CNC Billet Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware

  • 2015-2022 Polaris Ranger OEM full doors. May fit other models.
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POLARIS RANGER 2013 - 2022