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MODERNIZE: Designed to adapt the 2009+ Dodge Ram Projector style headlights onto trucks that came standard with the basic Dual Halogen headlamps, this harness will allow you to upgrade to the most modern Ram look without cutting, splicing, or modifying anything on the truck’s factory harness.

PLUG N PLAY: It’s a seamless solution to keep your low and high beams under control on the new OEM projector lights using the original controls inside the cabin. The outputs will plug directly into the multi-pin connector on the back of each headlight from Dodge.

COMPATIBLE: This harness is designed to work with the OEM Mopar projector headlights, or the aftermarket version from TYC. Both share the same multi-pin connector on the back, so the choice is yours!

ADVANCED: Don’t be mistaken, upgrading to the projector headlights is not easy. You’re dealing with completely different connections on both ends, not to mention the always-annoying Mopar canbus system. These harnesses are designed to make the upgrade easy. No hiccups, no flickering, no problem!

MADE IN AMERICA: Aside from being ahead of the game from a technical standpoint, these harnesses are both engineered and made right here in the USA by the Ram pro’s at RetroShop in Missouri.

  • HARNESSES: 2x RetroShop 13+ Ram Projector Conversion
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year

  • 09-12 RAM TRUCKS: Quad/Dual Halogen Lights
  • 2013+ RAM TRUCKS: Quad Halogen Lights
  • HEADLIGHTS: OEM or TYC “Projector” Style

  • STOCK FUNCTIONS: 100% Retained
  • STOCK WIRING: 100% Unmodified
  • INSTALL TYPE: Plug and play