O-Rings installed on the LED and/or the incandescent lights and the center shaft to seal out water, dust, and debris.  Certified to IP68 for front panel components of the actual switch only.  Sealed switch with optional panel gasket (VPS-CAR) will meet IP67 rating.

Switch mounting hole is .830 by 1.45 inches.

Panel Thickness Range

  • 0 gaskets – .032, .062, .093, .125, .187, .250 inches
  • 1 gasket – .030 to .109 & .147 to .157

Switch Depth

  • switch only, no rear barrier –  1.479 inches
  • switch only, rear barrier –  1.55 inches
  • switch with VCH or VC connector housing – 2.029 inches

Rocker Dimensions

  • Contura II – 1.933 by .940 inches
  • Contura V – 1.912 by 1.020 inches
  • Contura X – 1.910 by .960 inches


Sealing                        Sealed version: IP66/68, this rating applies to front panel components of the actual switch only, and signifies complete protection against dust as well as powerful jets of water.

Corrosion                     Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) Class III 3 year accelerated exposure per ASTM B-827, B-845 Silver and gold contacts

Operating Temp.          -40°C to +85°C

Vibration 1                   Per Mil-Std 202F, Method 204D Test Condition A 0.06 DA or 10G’s 10-500 Hz. Tested with VCH connector. Test criteria – No loss of circuit during test, pre and post test contact resistance.

Vibration 2                   Resonance search 24-50 Hz 0.40 DA

50-2000 Hz ±10 G’s peak Horizontal Axis 3-5 G’s max. Random

24 Hz 0.06 PSD-Gsq/Hz

60 Hz 0.50

100 Hz 0.50

200 Hz 0.025

2000 Hz 0.025

No loss of circuit during test; <10μ seconds chatter.

Shock                           Per Mil-Std 202F, Method 213B, Test Condition K @ 30G’s. Tested with VCH connector. Test criteria – No loss of circuit during test, pre and post test contact resistance.

Salt Spray                    Per Mil-Std 202F, Method 101D, Test Condition A, 96 Hrs. Sealed version only.

Dust                             Mil STD 810, Method 510.2 Air Velocity 300 Ft/Min Duration 16Hr

Thermal Shock            Per Mil-Std 202F, Method 107F, Test Cond. A, -55°C to +85°C. Test criteria – pre and post test contact resistance

Moisture Resistance   Per Mil-Std 202F, Method 106F, Test Criteria – pre and post test contact resistance

Ignition Protection      All Contura switches with sealed construction meet the requirements of UL1500/ISO8846 for ignition protection, in addition to conformance with EC directive 94/25/EC for marine products.

  • Two INCANDESCENT lights or LEDs
  • Top light ON when the switch is turned ON
  • Bottom light independently wired
  • Rated 20A @ 18Volt (incandescent), or 20A @ 12Volt (LEDs)
  • No rear barriers between terminals, VCH connnector block with Packard 630 series terminals are recommended, this is a 5-terminal switch
  • Optional VPS-01 Panel Seal
  • Optional MUD BOOT Added protection from mud and debris
  • Optional Dynatex Dielectric Grease Locks out moisture
  • Wiring diagram (V1D1JXXB)