8pc Tubes 4pc Flex Strips Underbody + Interior Neon Accent Light Kit



SKU: XK041005
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8pc Tubes 4pc Flex Strips Underbody + Interior Neon Accent Light Kit

This product is compatible with
XKchrome single color app controller
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  • Single color, 3 Light Mode Undercar and Interior Kit
  • 8pc 24″ tube, 4 pc Flex Strips.
  • Newly designed car controller plug with integrated mode button (on/off; solid color; 2 channel strobe; breath effect)
  • All installation accessories included and simple plug-n-play wiring.
  • Exclusive plug & play waterproof design.
  • Mounting instructions: Download PDF

Designed to cover the entire vehicle, this kit combines XKGLOW’s most popular underbody and interior single color kits into the best value package.
In addition to 8pc 24″ tubes, 4pc flex strips and ultra-bright lights that enhance your entire vehicle, this all-included kit is entirely plug-n-play,
reducing installation time to a minimum. The strips can be attached to a broad range of positions in and around your vehicle and inside the cabin,
which casts bright light from all angles without exposing the light source. The kit is expandable to max 20 24″ tubes.


  • Input voltage: 12V DC.
  • Power consumption: 0.15 A per tube, 0.075 per flex strip.
  • Car controller plug: 3.77″ x 1.45″ x 1.15″
  • Tube size: Overall size 24″ x 0.48″ x 0.32″
  • Strip size: Overall size 7.6″ x 0.48″ x 0.32″

  • 8pc light tubes, 4 pc flex strips.
  • 1 controller plug with ON/OFF switch and integrated LED light display
  • Zip ties, wire clips, screws, brackets, and detailed instructions with recommended mounting locations
  • (4) 12ft wire, (4) 36″ wire, (2) 12″ wire.

  • Car; Truck; Motorcycle; ATV; Snowmobile; Boat

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