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  • 720 LEDs – 60″ Tailgate Bar (XK041018)
  • 576 LEDs – 48″ Tailgate Bar (XK041020)
  • Optional- error free operation on trucks with trailer detection.
  • Integrated sequential turn signals.
  • 200-300% Brighter that 1st gen and most competitors.
  • Running, brake and reverse lights.
  • IP 67 waterproof aluminum body.

Our 2nd Generation Truck Tail Gate Light is finally here and man, are we excited! We packed the features into these. Of course, they hit on your typical 5 functions; running, turns, brake, and reverse. We stacked 720 LEDs as dense as possible to achieve a light saber-like glow. Unlike our first generation, we added an entire row of LEDs for the reverse light for ultimate brightness to help illuminate your surroundings. The integrated sequential turn signals give your truck that premium look and gets you seen out there on the road. The bar is finished off with an aluminum body and a polycarbonate lens for a robust build that’s sure to last. The ultimate in truck tail gate lighting is here! Download the instructions filehere!

  • Tech Specs – 60″ Tailgate Light (XK041018)
    • Working voltage: 12-15DC
    • Max power of red LEDs: 18W. Max red brightness: 700lm.
    • Max power of white LEDs: 12W. Max white brightness: 1950lm.
    • 360 red LEDs. 360 white LEDs.

    Tech Specs – 48″ Tailgate Light (XK041020)

    • Working voltage: 12-15DC
    • Max power of red LEDs: 14W. Max red brightness: 560lm.
    • Max power of white LEDs: 10W. Max white brightness: 1600lm.
    • 288 red LEDs. 288 white LEDs.