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HEAVY HITTER: As the very first aftermarket retrofitting part Morimoto offered, the ZKW-R Clear Lenses continues to be a hot seller. It defines the term “performance gain” on projectors such as the popular Acura TL bi-xenons.

REPLICA+ Easily matching & beating the OEM 3″ ZKW lens from the BMW E46 that we benchmarked for this version, the optical clarity of the ZKW-R Clear Lenses is unsurpassed. Years ago, retrofitters used to pay $200 for a set of those stock lenses.

E46 SPEC: The ZKW-R Clear Lenses work perfectly on Bosch Bi-xenon (AKA “E46”) projectors as-is.

NO BRAINER: Adding a set of clear lenses to your OEM headlights or projector retrofit with OEM projectors should be a “no-brainer”. Not only are these Morimoto lenses an inexpensive upgrade, but they allow the projectors to perform to their maximum potential in every aspect.

SIZE MATTERS: When picking out a pair of clear lenses, it’s not about which model is “best” – it’s about compatibility. The diameter AND focus height of the lens are both very important.



  • WARRANTY:Lifetime


  • APPLICATIONS: OEM Projectors from vehicles listed below
  • ACURA: 3G TL Bi-xenon
  • AUDI: A4, A6 / 3in AL/Bosch Bi-Xenon
  • BMW: All w/ 3in AL/Bosch Bi-Xenon
  • MERCEDES-BENZ: E Class / 3in Hella Bi-Xenon
  • OTHER: All 3in Projectors w/ 22mm Focus


  • DIAMETER: 74mm
  • FOCUS HEIGHT: 24mm
  • CLARITY: 100% Clear Morimoto Kuria Optics
  • INSTALL TIPS: On YouTube