2nd Gen Short Extension Wire Kit for XKchrome & 7 Color Series for Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile



2nd gen design. Check the original kit to make sure the plugs are same.



Check compatibility before purchase. Make sure your original kit uses the same plug.

This product is only compatible with the 2ND GENERATION design XKchrome & 7color series:

  • 2nd gen 7-color key fob remote control kits:
  • 2nd gen XKchrome series app control kits:
  • The plug of your original kit needs to be the same style as picture shown above.

  • Only compatible 2ND GENERATION XKchrome & 7 color series. Check your original kit carefully before purchase.
  • 2nd gen direct plug-n-play waterproof design. No secondary waterproof treatment needed.
  • Optimized for motorcycle, atv, and snowmobiles.

  • 4pc 36″ wires
  • 4pc 12″ wires
  • 3pc 1-to-3 splitters
  • zip ties
  • 10pc wire clips
  • 10pc 3M tape pads
  • 1pc logo sticker