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Looking for a unique set of tail lights for your Suburban? Look no more!! These lights fit perfectly behind your oem lens.

The new boards are shaped to the factory lens and will need to be glued to the lens. We recommend a simple RTV silicone sealant placed 4-5 times around the perimeter of the lens to hold the board.

Now these are not Plug & Play and will requires some slight wiring.

The stock wiring is Turn/ brake and parking light with ground being threw the body…  Additional wiring is needed. Ground, Ignition or Constant Positive Fused, and dedicated brake wire.

The brake switch wire needs to be changed right at the brake switch, located under the dash and at the steering column/ brake pedal mount. There are two wires on that switch. One is always “hot” 12V +. The other wire is the “cold” side and rests with no power on it. Once the brake pedal is pressed it will go to 12V +. Unplug this wire from the brake switch and extend it to the each tail lights with your new ignition wire.

Back at the tail light, you can get a ground wire connection pretty much anywhere on the sheet metal of the truck with the tail light removed.

The boards will come with lengths of wire attached. Connection is up to you.

  • Remove your Factory Tail light Lens
  • Wedge the new lens against the Factory Tail Light Lens
  • Add a few 1″ beads of RTV Silicone around the perimeter or the Lens
  • Locate your Brake Light Switch underneath the dash board mounted to the brake pedal.  It will have 2 wires, one is constant 12v+, the other is dead until the switch is depressed.
  • The dead wire needs to get ran to both tail lights along with a Keyed Ignition or constant 12v Fused Power Source.  The Ground can be ran to any metal on the body.
  • OEM TurnSignal and Parking Light wires gets wired up to the tail lights.

NOTE: Make sure to replace your tail light lens seal as these boards are not waterproof.  Damage from water is not covered under warranty. 

  • Animated Parking lights ON and OFF
  • Sequential Turn Signals
  • F1 Style Brake Lights
  • OPTIONAL Show Mode – Contact us for details

  • 1 Year Warranty