168 194 T10 RGB Bulbs



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ACL RGB Wedge Based bulbs are among the newest items to hit the market from us. Widely used for Automotive, Motorcycles, Trucks, and MORE!!!!!!!!!!! Easy to install, PLUG and PLAY style makes for clean and simple installation. 1 set includes 2 T10 based RGB Bulbs and 1 IR Remote that plug right into any 194/168/T10 Socket. If the light does not turn on just flip it around. 1 remote can control several bulbs.  These bulb remember the last setting you had it one when they are turned off.


  • RGB LEDS Wedge Based bulbs
  • Bulb Length 36mm x Width 10mm
  • Long life span 32,000+ hours
  • WaterResistant Gel Coating
  • Low power consumption

  • 2 – 168/194/T10 RGB Bulbs
  • 1 – IR RGB Remote

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