Advanced UFO style 3 Million Color Remote Control LED Light Kit


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Advanced UFO style 3 Million Color Remote Control LED Light Kit

  • Advanced UFO style 3 million color lights.
  • Over 120 preset light programs with adjustable speed.
  • 12pcs 3 million color under glow lights. Ultra-bright LEDs.
  • Music synchronization with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Unique short tube design to contour to the vehicle,
  • Auto recall the last lighting program.
  • Waterproof Design
  • Mounting instructions: Download PDF

Built with advanced design and chips, each 24 in tube in this underbody light kit could display two different colors. The two colors a
separated in 12 in sections in the 24 in tube. This exclusive feature enables the underglow kit form various dynamic patterns, such as
light chasing and glow wave. Each slim light tube has 18 SMD leds on board, which are much brighter and durable than regular LEDs. All
parts are protected with reinforced poly-carbonate tube and waterproof epoxy. The 8 lights perfectly contour to the vehicle and form the
fascinating undercar light show and the 4 interior tubes accent the cabin.

  • 129 preset programs, including 99 chasing patterns, 29 solid colors, 1 auto-cycle pattern
  • Speed adjustment
  • Music mode
  • Auto-recall the last running pattern, speed, and color.

  • LED Qty: 18 LEDs on each 24inch LED tubes
  • Max Load: 40pcs 24″ LED tubes (max 20pcs on each output wire)
  • Brightness: Approximate 100-120 lumen per tube in full brightness mode.

  • (8) 24inch light tubes, and (4) 12inch light tubes
  • 1 pair of 12V control box & wireless remote key fob
  • 25pc 3m tape
  • zip ties, 1pc drill bit, and mounting screws

  • Car underglow; Pickup truck; T-Rex; Can-Am

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